Integrative Therapies: Essential Zen

A journey to peace and relaxation for the tired, stressed, ill and dying 

 The Essential Zen Experience

Urban Zen Integrative Therapy   |   AromaTouch 

 A comforting, warm presence, providing relaxing positioning of the body, and soothing  AromaTouch with essential oils (to hands and/or feet). Calming music offered.

The AromaTouch Technique uses Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.

A gentle touch technique for the hands, feet and/or back that can be adapted to accommodate all skin types and conditions. 

Each essential oil used during the session is selected for its individual aromatic properties.

Physical touch is as important to AromaTouch as aroma because of the benefits of touch. 


Who may benefit from a session?

    Individuals who are:

  • hospitalized

  • caregivers

  • experiencing stress

  • suffering from chronic illness

  • taking pain medications - especially narcotics/opiods

  • experiencing any of the PANIC symptoms

Additional services to incorporate in the session:



Exercises that assist in dealing with all the symptoms of PANIC.



Meditation that minimizes pain and releases anxiety



Light touch, on or slightly off the body, balancing the human biofield.

Sessions are provided in the home, hospital, or other setting, such as, a facility- rehab, independent living, assisted living or extended care facility- with the person lying, or seated.

50 minute session: $75