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What People are Saying

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Family of Traci S.

Our family is so grateful for the care you provided during our difficult time. You guided all of us through unchartered territory, patiently listening and teaching us how to keep our beloved Traci as comfortable as possible. Your reassurance and explanations gave us resilience to be up to the task of home care. We will never forget you and the role you took in Traci's and our journey.

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Family of Virginia S. 

Jacki, you are one of the most dedicated caregivers I have ever known. Your exceptional care needs to be recognized. Your visits were greatly appreciated by my mom. On the day she died, you were outstanding in not only your care of my mom, but also in your explanations to us of what was happening. We will always remember you fondly as the angel sent to mom before she left us for heaven. Thank you, Jacki.

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Family of Cathy

You made such a huge difference in Cathy's life and we could never begin to thank you enough for all you did for her. You truly cared- you treated her with such love and respect. You are an angel to all you care for...We were very blessed that God brought you into Cathy's life.