being with dying

In a society where we are so separated from death in daily life, with most people either dying in the hospital or in a nursing facility, we are, as a result, also separated from how to be with those who are dying. In addition, dying is no longer seen as a natural part of life, but as morbid and something to fear.

In a continued effort to help shift this paradigm, through education and awareness, and help better-prepare others faced with death, I facilitated a class last night at the Kokosing Nature Preserve/Natural Burial Cemetery reception center in Gambier.

Being with the Dying was the topic of the class. Seeing participants so open to exploring this subject was heartwarming. They explored their vulnerability freely and genuinely as they started by taking a deep dive into their fears about dying. Their raw vulnerability and profound desire in learning how to intimately, and meaningfully be with someone suffering was beautifully apparent. They opened up their hearts to one another, to put key elements of the process of being with dying into practice . It warmed my heart deeply and reminded me once again, of why I am doing this work. Thank you, all who were present-in all ways, last night.

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