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We are your coach & guide

Circle of Life supports you wherever you are on your journey of death & dying- whether it be for you (healthy or ill) or for a loved one.

We understand that this can be an uncomfortable process. We can help you move toward greater ease. 

It is our honor and privilege to walk with you and/or your loved one during this last stage of life. 

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Demystifying Death.
Facing Mortality

For life and death are one, even as the river and and the sea are one.  ~Khalil Gibran

Our Services


Offering classes/presentations and trainings- live and virtual- to individuals & families, libraries, women's groups, church groups, organizations & medical professionals.

Some of the topics include: caring for dying, comfort for pain at the end of life, ethical issues at the end of life, being with someone dying, home funerals, natural burials, living with a mindfulness of mortality. 

We assist with completing Advance Directives, and communicating them with loved ones.


In preparation for death, we guide you through how to make death a part of life; assist with legacy projects, and last days wishes, along with understanding chronic disease progression and what to expect when nearing death.



Through our consultant services, the Doula serves as a Guide, who is versed in assisting with home funerals and assisting families with the completion of paperwork for green burials.