Planning & Preparation

There are many ways to begin the planning and preparation process for your death.  Most of us think about our death not happening until we we are elderly- in our 80's. However, the reality is that death can come at any time, which is all the more reason to get started with planning & preparing- now. And if for no other reason then for the sake of your loved ones.

Below are just a few of the ways we can help you get started and walk alongside you as you take action. You decide how much you would like us to be involved.

Advance Directives

Advance Directives are healthcare decisions that are spelled out in a legal document. You specify what actions you want taken when you are no longer able to make them for yourself. 

In this document you also designate the person who will make such decisions for you. 

We can help you complete the form, as well as help you communicate your wishes with your loved ones.

Last Days Wishes

Not always, but sometimes, we are fortunate enough to be gifted with last days of living- when we can be in a place of choice- surrounded by those we love, sharing memories, listening to our favorite music- living in a way until our last breath brings beautiful closure to our life. 

This process of Last Day Wishes is scripted through reflection of a section in Jacki's book, Attending to the End with coaching from Jacki if desired.


A Legacy Project: Your Life

Have you thought about how you will be remembered by your friends & loved ones?  

What do your friends and  loved ones know about your life? Pivotal events. Cherished memories. The story of your life- across each decade.

There are many ways to share your life in  permanent form (scrapbook, picture book, video)- before you die. We can assist you in this process.

A Mindfulness of Mortality

A mindfulness of mortality is a process of cultivating an authentic life that is formed by the choices we make about how we will live, according to values that shape our priorities and relationships. These are some of the threads, when woven together, that create a colorful tapestry of living well and dying well.

A mindfulness of mortality is not found in obsessing about death but by making death a part of life; recognizing death as the silent companion in life that walks with us in each moment.

Jacki guides you through the process of living this new and unique way. The journey is aided through the use of her book, Attending to the End.

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Returning death to its natural place in the circle of life.