Natural Burials & Home Funerals

Natural Burials

Natural Burials are gaining in popularity as individuals seek alternatives to traditional burials.

Natural burials (also called Green Burials) are environmentally sustainable, conserving natural resources and offering a way of honoring the loved one through the return of the body to nature.

The body is interred either with the use of "green"embalming fluid or no embalming at all, as well as, no concrete burial vault. The body is placed in a biodegradable coffin or wrapped in a shroud- of natural fiber: linen, cotton, wool.

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Natural Burial Consultation Services

Home Funerals

According to the National Home Funeral Alliance, a home funeral is a noncommercial, family-centered response to death that involves the family and its social community in the care and preparation of the body for burial or cremation and/or in planning and carrying out related rituals or ceremonies and/or in the burial or cremation itself.

The home funeral may or may not occur entirely within the family home. It is differentiated from the institutional funeral by its emphasis on minimal, noninvasive care and preparation of the body; on its reliance on the family's own social networks for assistance and support, and on the relative or total absence of commercial funeral providers in its proceedings. 

 A home funeral may include any and all of the following:

  • Washing and dressing the body

  • Laying the body out on a bed or sofa in the living room, bedroom, etc.

  • Educating family on cooling of the body (with dry ice, ice packs, etc.)

  • Offering assistance with visitation or wake in the home for family and loved ones.

  • Conducting a ceremony/service outside or inside the home.

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Home Funeral Consultation Services


Basic services include providing supplies: gloves, dry ice, sheets, ace wrap, makeup; instructing family on

how to keep body cool, assisting with care of deceased, visits to home.


Additional services available upon request