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End-of-Life Doula Mentor

What is your deepest longing for serving the dying?

Do you have a clear vision how to chart your course to get there?

My passion is mentoring End-of-Life Doulas by walking alongside them as they tap into their infinite inner wisdom and gain greater clarity about their overarching vision and mission; explore ways to cultivate strengths, while seeking opportunities for growth in other areas; create a plan of action based on their deepest desires for serving of the dying.

My own journey started many years ago as a nurse in home care, that would later transition into work as a hospice nurse. The only death that I had been around prior to becoming a hospice nurse was my grandfather's. After being diagnosed with a terminal disease in the hospital, he made the decision to go home to die. His last days were filled with laughter and care by our family. We were fortunate to witness his peaceful, serene death. 


It was a couple of years later that I would begin my work as a hospice nurse. It wasn't long before I would discover that my grandfather's death had actually been an anomaly. What I witnessed in my work was quite contrary to my grandfather's death. I was disheartened and dismayed to see the tumult and chaos every day in my work with the dying and their loved ones. I was appalled by how ill-prepared we are as a society, not only to die, but to care for our dying. With deep curiosity, I wondered not only how we got here as a society, but how I might be an agent for change. 


Perusing the internet to get clearer on direction moving forward, my interest was captured by what I read about this new (old) practice of end-of-life doulas. Soon thereafter, I completed training and launched my own practice. Over the past 7 years I have served the dying and their loved ones at the bedside; however, over time I found my deepest calling to be in the area of education. It seemed only natural since a large part of my work as a hospice and home care nurse was spent educating patients and families, as well as, mentoring nurses.

Let's arrange a time to meet to talk about your greatest desires for your work and how I can help guide you on your journey...I offer a 20 minute free consultation to get started.


I believe that it is incumbent upon us, as end-of-life doulas, to carry the torch forward into the future, creating a culture where death is seen as natural and sacred, where fears are faced and where curiosity, as well as, courage is cultivated and nurtured by looking at death boldly, engaging with the dying.

Making death a part of life. 

I hope you will join me...

Navigating in Woods

Establishing a New Doula Practice

Are you seeking guidance with deciding what's the best way to use your talents, skills and passions as an end-of-life doula? Establishing your vision and mission? Creating a detailed plan of action?

Being the Change: Making Death a Part of Life

As end-of-life doulas, we are required to be the change we seek in our work. This means starting with making death a part of life. Jacki guides you on your Death as a Part of Life Journey with the process she created.

General Consultation

Are there specific challenges you are facing or roadblocks in your way that you are looking for a new viewpoint or fresh ideas? Do you find yourself disconnected from that passion that brought you to this work? 

How can I help?
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