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End-of-Life Education, Guidance and Support
Empowering individuals and loved ones through end-of-life education; offering assistance with end-of-life decisions, care and natural after-death alternatives.

In a culture that denies death, it's not surprising that we often don't know much, if anything, about it.  Waiting until a crisis happens to learn about death intensifies the crisis and creates chaos. 

At Circle of Life, we offer various ways to become more familiar with death and dying- one step at a time.

Death is inevitable- for all of us. Why not be prepared?

We can help guide you on your journey...

Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and are afraid of the unknown? 
Feeling unprepared, perhaps afraid and overwhelmed about death & dying?
Interested in exploring more natural, after-death care and burial alternatives?



Offering classes/presentations and trainings- live or virtual for:

  • individuals & families 

  • libraries

  • women's groups 

  • church groups

  • organizations

  • senior centers & communities

Information is provided in easy-to-understand language and with tact.



There are numerous ways we can assist with planning and preparing for the end-of-life:

  • Explain and assist with  Advance Directives.  Assist in communicating end-of-life wishes.

  • Assist with creating legacy project for loved ones.

  • Guide individuals through a process of learning how to  make death a part of life.

  • And more..



We understand that dying and death is a personal experience and that each person and family have their unique needs. Our End-of-Life Doula services offer Home Funeral Guide or Natural Burial Guide services to support family/loved ones.

We are experienced with  walking alongside the dying and the family during this time.



As a hospice nurse, I witnessed how ill-prepared we are not only to die, but also to be around those who are dying. This lack of preparedness creates chaos, leading to emotional crisis and interfering with the precious time left. Essentially, our avoidance of the inevitable all too often leads to a bad death experience.

The more I witnessed the chaos surrounding death, the more passionate was my belief that it could be different. Then, one day I decided I could no longer stand by and watch the untoward effects of a broken paradigm. It was from this frustration that this endeavor began. 

Welcome to this journey. I look forward to walking alongside you.

I wrote, Attending to the End: A Good Death Guidebook because I wanted to challenge readers to stop avoiding the inevitable and, instead, start planning for it.


As a comprehensive working guide, it is formatted in a 3-ring notebook with labeled dividers. It contains contemplative prompts for unpacking thoughts and feelings about life and death with space to write responses. Additionally, it offers a step-by-step process for scripting end-of-life wishes and a section for assisting loved ones in taking care of business after your death.


Cost includes book, taxes, shipping & handling

Receipt will read Harmony Connections LLC

Attending2End Cover.jpg

Now in E-Book!

Attending2End Cover.jpg

What People are Saying

Young Woman with Short Hair

Family of Traci S.

Our family is so grateful for the care you provided during our difficult time. You guided all of us through unchartered territory, patiently listening and teaching us how to keep our beloved Traci as comfortable as possible. Your reassurance and explanations gave us resilience to be up to the task of home care. We will never forget you and the role you took in Traci's and our journey.

Mature Couple Showing Affection

Family of Virginia S. 

Jacki, you are one of the most dedicated caregivers I have ever known. Your exceptional care needs to be recognized. Your visits were greatly appreciated by my mom. On the day she died, you were outstanding in not only your care of my mom, but also in your explanations to us of what was happening. We will always remember you fondly as the angel sent to mom before she left us for heaven. Thank you, Jacki.

Elderly Woman

Family of Cathy

You made such a huge difference in Cathy's life and we could never begin to thank you enough for all you did for her. You truly cared- you treated her with such love and respect. You are an angel to all you care for...We were very blessed that God brought you into Cathy's life. 

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