Conscious Living 


Dying Doula

 Life Coach. End-of Life Coach

How might your life be transformed by changing your relationship with death?

How might your death be transformed?


Is it possible to experience death as a natural part of life, and not as a medical event?

As a Conscious Living & Dying Doula, Jacki, works with individuals who desire to embrace life, living it authentically and fully- with the end in mind. 


Exploring and learning more about death through classes, workshops, contemplative work/meditations,retreats and discussions, participants are guided toward a different relationship with death and dying, and into a fearless life.

Living with the End in Mind

***Disclaimer: Jacki is not a therapist, financial adviser, or attorney, nor does she provide clinical support or nursing care. She in no way promotes, supports or performs assisted suicide.  She also does not refer individuals to hospice.***