End of Life 

Conversations   advance care planning

Let's Talk About It

Over Coffee & Tea/ Drinks/ Dinner & Dessert

If you are like most people, you haven't thought much about your death or dying.
Just because you don't think about death, doesn't mean it won't happen.
And because you haven't thought about it or talked about it with your loved ones,it's likely to end as a crisis.
Do you have a Living Will, a Medical Power of Attorney?
Do you want to be sedated?
Have you talked to loved ones about how and when you want to die?
Do you want to survive on life support, a feeding tube?
Think none of this matters because you're not old...you aren't sick...you're not dying?
Think again!

Now is the time to think about it, to make decisions, and to share.

Before it's too late...

Bringing friends, family, loved ones together in a relaxing, engaging atmosphere to have  this crucial conversation
The Process:
  • Gather a group together and decide on the format (coffee & tea, drinks, or dinner & dessert)

  • Each participant will receive an e-packet to look over prior to the event

  • Plan the event 

  • Everyone shows up...relaxes...and discovers how much better each participant will feel after talking about an uncomfortable topic, explaining the all-important documents and developing a plan for completing and sharing the documents with loved ones

Having conversations before it's too late...

$50 donation per person (tax deductible)