Conscious Dying Doula

Returning death to its natural place in the circle of life.

Death is seen as this natural passage in other cultures,and most certainly with indigenous people; unfortunately, in our society it has become a medical event.

There is an alternative approach and The Conscious Dying Doula provides it.


  • Assisting individuals in developing a "Good Death" Plan for the end-of-life and meeting with family members to share, as requested.
  • Educating the dying and their families about death & dying, and how to care for family member at the end of life, aiming to provide holistic support.
  • Providing comfort and support to the dying and/or loved ones with integrative therapies. (see below)
  • Exploring and providing types of support desired at the death vigil.
  • Helping those at the end spend their final days as they choose—perhaps in a “life review” that helps them make sense of their own story or in a ritual of their own creation.
  • Serving as a consultant with planning green burials or home funerals.
  • Offering services at home, hospital or nursing home.

As a Conscious Dying Doula, Jacki is deeply present with the dying, and loved ones present, offering a compassionate, calming presence, loving support, and soothing touch.

Integrative Therapy takes a holistic (whole person) approach to services, along with complementary and alternative services such as aromatherapy, guided relaxation, and restorative yoga.

  • Offering Urban Zen Integrative Therapy to help relieve end-of-life symptoms that may occur: Pain, Anxiety, Nausea, Insomnia, Constipation, Exhaustion.
  • Offering AromaTouch to hands, feet or back. Essential oils gently applied for comfort.