Our vision is to empower individuals and families through end-of-life education and transform chaos into peace through preparation; to inspire individuals to live an enriched and authentic life- with the end in mind- with the intention of returning death to its natural, sacred place in the circle of life. 

Life. Death.


Living with the End in Mind


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De-mystifying death. Facing mortality. 

Providing educational opportunities to learn practical information about death and dying.


Education Empowers. Preparation Soothes.

Attending to the End

Planning & Preparing.




Let's Talk About It

Advance Directives: Healthcare Power of Attorney & Living Will.

Meeting with individuals, families, employees & groups.

Living with the End in Mind Program

Leaning into living with the end in mind creates an authentic life and a death of greater peace. 

Group & Individual Coaching


Home Funerals Natural Burials

Alternative options exist for funerals and burials. 

Oftentimes more intimate.

Environmentally more humane.

End of life doulas teach family and loved ones how to care for body until burial/cremation. 

Meet Jacki

Founder of In the Circle of Life. 

Dedicated to shifting the cultural death paradigm and transform the chaos around death to one of greater peace.

For life and death are one, even as the river and and the sea are one.  ~Khalil Gibran


Attending to the End challenges readers to stop avoiding the inevitable and, instead, start planning for it. While it may seem like a strange and unpleasant task, planning for one's own death will allow them and their loved ones to feel more prepared and at-peace when the time comes.

Written in a gentle, easy-to-follow question and answer, spiral-bound format, this 60-page guidebook encourages quiet contemplation and provides the reader with the space to explore the ins and outs of creating a good death.

$25 (includes shipping & handling)
Upcoming Events
Comfort at the End-of-Life: Managing Pain
Being with Dying: Cultivating Presence in the Face of Death
Online Event
Our Fear of Death Intensified: CV-19
Online Event
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